The Laurenzo Family

In 1949 Domenic Tommy Laurenzo began his journey with his wife, Ninfa Laurenzo, to Houston, TX from Providence Rhode Island, Tommy’s home. Upon settling in Houston, the Laurenzo family soon began their quest to make great Spaghetti sauces, Pizzas, Tortillas and Tamales in the second ward area.

From day one the Laurenzo family displayed their devotion to the idea of serving “Great Quality Food” to every Customer they were able to serve. What started as a Wholesale food business with only a few items to sell evolved into a family restaurant business. Today the Laurenzo family has continued in the rich family traditions of loving to cook and always trying to do it better.

Laurenzo’s Restaurant Driving Motivation for success is to “Treat our guests like they would treat their Grandmother on the occasion of her 100th Birthday”. Our Daily goals are to provide the “Best Quality in Food and Customer Service we can,” as well as to go the “Extra Mile” to Delight our customers. Excuses will only prevent us from accomplishing our Goals.